Follow-up to post “From the Beginning (or not)”

April 6, 2018

Earlier this year I posted about a new referral that I received, a kindergartner who had not been amplified before January, 2018.  I explained the testing that would be done.  I want to pick up there and broadly describe strengths and weaknesses and what interventions the IEP team agreed on.

Overall the student had a very significant delay in English and phonological/phonemic awareness, less of a delay in Spanish and a severe articulation disorder.  The student receives pull-out intervention from myself and the SLP for about 4 hours per week.  My goals are in the areas of vocabulary, grammar, audition, phonemic awareness and self-advocacy.  The SLP integrates on several of those and has articulation goals.  So far, this student is wearing hearing aids and personal FM consistently at school and is making excellent progress in auditory, phonemic and vocabulary goals.  Mom is unable to participate in sessions due to her work schedule, but I videotaped some sessions that are stored in my Google Drive and send her the link so she can access them.  The student continues to receive ESL services and a Tier 2 Literacy Intervention group daily.

For my intervention planning, I get information from the classroom teacher about books the class will be reading the following week.  I select one book that we will read.  From that book I select the words that we will clap out and use for rhyming and vocabulary.  I will search for already made materials for retelling to work on grammar and vocabulary as well as make my own lotto/bingo games and card decks.  I am using an interactive notebook to store all materials in that goes home for additional practice.  This is my favorite type of student to work with.  I love the early language and literacy development.  Here’s what we’ve used so far:

a big guy took my ball    vey hungry caterpillar       cat in the hat     hey, little ant


It has been a blast!

What would you do differently?

2 thoughts on “Follow-up to post “From the Beginning (or not)”

  1. I loved reading this! I am wondering what emphasis you place on auditory memory or activities related to improving auditory memory? Thanks!

    Toni Mathis Teacher of the Deaf and Hard of Hearing South Carolina School for the Deaf and the Blind Outreach Services

    1. Toni,
      What a great question! Her auditory goals include following directions containing 4 critical elements and listening to a short story and answering questions about it. Additionally, her grammar goals include structures typically used by a 4 year old in six word grammatically sentences. She now spontaneously uses 4-5 word sentences but they are a jumble. I also have not seen any other learning issues.

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