How to Use this Podcast to Help Students Learn about College

  Have you listened to the Podcast from Child’s Voice staff called “All Ears”?  The staff host a variety of guests from the deaf/hard of hearing world on topics ranging from sign language to theory of mind to self-advocacy to communication modes.  Transcripts are provided on the website so you can read along while you […]

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Resource for General Education Teachers

Quick Guide for Your Student with Hearing Loss for General Education Teachers

7/25/18 Do you meet with regular educators at the beginning of the school year to in-service them about students with hearing loss in their classes?  This handy booklet will provide the general ed teachers with information specific to a student that they can use as a reference for the school year. All pages are fully […]

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Back to School Freebie!

Getting To Know You Cards Free from Rule the School

7/24/18 The beginning of the school year is the time to begin building relationships with new students.  A fun quick way for a student and professional to get to know each other is this free activity Getting-To-Know-You Cards .   Simply take turns with your students turning over a card and answering the questions.  When […]

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Ten Year Anniversary

March 18, 2018   It is hard for me to believe but it was 10 years ago that I created my first game and started my company Rule the School.  How did that happen you ask?  In 2002 I started a new job as an Itinerant Teacher in a large public school district’s Deaf and […]

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Day 2

August 24, 2017 I hope you found Day 1 tips helpful.  Are you ready for more?  Here’s Day 2!

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