#Deafedmusthavesale – Rule the School

Here we are at the 25th of the month again.  Two resources are on sale today at 20% off. Quick Guide for Your Student with Hearing Loss for General Education Teachers. The first is the Quick Guide for Your Student with Hearing Loss.  This fully editable guide is for general education teachers with a student […]

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How to Use this Podcast to Help Students Learn about College

  Have you listened to the Podcast from Child’s Voice staff called “All Ears”?  The staff host a variety of guests from the deaf/hard of hearing world on topics ranging from sign language to theory of mind to self-advocacy to communication modes.  Transcripts are provided on the website so you can read along while you […]

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Resource for General Education Teachers

Quick Guide for Your Student with Hearing Loss for General Education Teachers

7/25/18 Do you meet with regular educators at the beginning of the school year to in-service them about students with hearing loss in their classes?  This handy booklet will provide the general ed teachers with information specific to a student that they can use as a reference for the school year. All pages are fully […]

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Back to School Freebie!

Getting To Know You Cards Free from Rule the School

7/24/18 The beginning of the school year is the time to begin building relationships with new students.  A fun quick way for a student and professional to get to know each other is this free activity Getting-To-Know-You Cards .   Simply take turns with your students turning over a card and answering the questions.  When […]

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Ten Year Anniversary

March 18, 2018   It is hard for me to believe but it was 10 years ago that I created my first game and started my company Rule the School.  How did that happen you ask?  In 2002 I started a new job as an Itinerant Teacher in a large public school district’s Deaf and […]

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Day 2

August 24, 2017 I hope you found Day 1 tips helpful.  Are you ready for more?  Here’s Day 2!

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