How to Use this Podcast to Help Students Learn about College

Activity tip for high school students


Have you listened to the Podcast from Child’s Voice staff called “All Ears”?  The staff host a variety of guests from the deaf/hard of hearing world on topics ranging from sign language to theory of mind to self-advocacy to communication modes.  Transcripts are provided on the website so you can read along while you listen.

The most recent podcast features an alumna of the school who is a junior in college.  She describes her transition to college along with her accommodations and how she advocates for them with her professors.  After hearing it, I thought it would be great to listen to and read with my high school student who is a junior and sometimes reluctant to speak up for himself.  Some ways we could use this are:

  1.  Make a list of the accommodations that she used in high school and the ones that she currently uses in college to compare and contrast them.
  2. Compare and contrast how she got her accommodations in high school vs. college.
  3. What 3 things does she advise students with hearing loss to do when they go to college?

This is a great self-advocacy activity!

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