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Quick Guide for Your Student with Hearing Loss for General Education Teachers


Do you meet with regular educators at the beginning of the school year to in-service them about students with hearing loss in their classes?  This handy booklet will provide the general ed teachers with information specific to a student that they can use as a reference for the school year.


All pages are fully editable.  The most common information is included and each page can be modified.  Simply add or delete information appropriate for an individual student.Slide2

Other pages include accommodations, amplification, a list of suggestions by students with hearing loss and a blank page for the teacher to write notes.  This booklet can be saved to each student’s digital file so it can be re-printed later for new staff or any other changes.



Can be prepared ahead of time and given to teachers during the initial in-service.

♦  Can be given to the teacher at a follow up meeting

Can be prepared by or with the student as a way to learn about herself/himself

♦  The student can prepare the booklet and present it to the teacher as a lesson in self-advocacy.


 This Quick Guide is useful for teachers of the deaf/hard of hearing, educational audiologists, SLPs, special education teachers, 504 coordinators and parents.



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