Problem Solving for Secondary Students with Hearing Loss

11/19/18 Observing your students in their general education classes can be an eye-opening experience.  How many times have you had a 1-1 session where he or she is able to describe how to handle a situation then you see them in a class and even though they know you are there, they are doing the […]

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It’s All About Access!

11/17/18 Now that the school year is well underway, it is a good time to re-visit the issue of classroom accommodations for our students with hearing loss.  We need to make sure our students have auditory access in their  classrooms and other places in schools.  How can we do that? Yes, grades are important to consider […]

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Mute the Mic

11/4/18                 When I observed my two new students in their general education classes this fall, I noticed that reminding a teacher to mute the DM/FM mic was something we needed to address.  Both students were new to receiving services from the deaf/hard of hearing program, however, I think […]

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Follow-up to Using Gen Ed Materials for Intervention

11/1/18 I recently wrote about a course that I created for the The Online Itinerant about how we can use materials from the classroom curriculum to work on IEP goals.  This week a great article was published in ASHA Leader Live describing how  one speech-language pathologist does this and lists some great resources that I want […]

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Supporting the General Education Curriculum in Instruction for Students with Hearing Loss

10/24/18 Last summer when I was discussing creating an online class with Stefanie Kessen, founder of The Online Itinerant, I shared with her that I  was daunted by the technical aspects.  Stefanie said “I’ll handle that part!” so I said “Sign me up!” I loved planning the content but I have to admit it took […]

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Using a Language Activity to Help Anxious Students

9/19/18 Recently, I added a new product to my TeachersPayTeachers Store called Sentence Combining. What is Sentence Combining?  An exercise for students who use a majority of simple and compound sentences to further develop their complex sentence structure.  It is an appropriate strategy for SLPs, Teachers Of Deaf /Hard of Hearing Students, English as Second Language Teachers […]

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Suggestions for First Days with Students

First Days Suggestions

8/29/18   So you have in-serviced your teachers and now need to plan your initial sessions with your students with hearing loss.  Some of them you may know and some may be new to you or they could all be old or new students.  Building a relationship is always first and foremost!  During the coming […]

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Back to School – First Two Days!

8/26/18 These infographics were popular last year so I am re-posting them with an additional resource.   I like to start the year by meeting each teacher of each student.  I think the personal touch is effective in connecting and building relationships with teachers.  However, I know many TOD/HHs have too many students on their […]

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Beginning of Year

8/24/18 For a Teacher of the Deaf/Hard of Hearing as for many other educators, having a successful start depends on being organized.  One of our major initial responsibilities is ensuring that all of our students’ teachers and service providers are aware of their accommodations and how the amplification works before the students show up.  Here’s […]

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Resource for General Education Teachers

Quick Guide for Your Student with Hearing Loss for General Education Teachers

7/25/18 Do you meet with regular educators at the beginning of the school year to in-service them about students with hearing loss in their classes?  This handy booklet will provide the general ed teachers with information specific to a student that they can use as a reference for the school year. All pages are fully […]

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Back to School Freebie!

Getting To Know You Cards Free from Rule the School

7/24/18 The beginning of the school year is the time to begin building relationships with new students.  A fun quick way for a student and professional to get to know each other is this free activity Getting-To-Know-You Cards .   Simply take turns with your students turning over a card and answering the questions.  When […]

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New Resource

The Online Itinerant

July 9, 2018 There is a new resource for professionals who work with kids with hearing loss called The Online Itinerant.  It provides pre-recorded one hour courses and monthly live meet-ups on a variety of topics.  Not only can you earn CEUs but you can sign up for one course or meet-up or subscribe to […]

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