I’m Thankful for You!

I am grateful for all of my fellow professionals who are helping students with hearing loss be as successful as they can be.  Whether you work with deaf/hard of hearing students as a teacher of the deaf, speech-language pathologist, audiologist, psychologist or special education teacher, you know that our professions may not be financially rewarding but they are emotionally rewarding.

As a thank you to everyone, I am posting links to all of my freebies here in one place:

Mute the Mic

Getting to Know You Cards

Interactive Self-Advocacy Notebook – Unit 1

Oliver Gets FM – Book

Oliver Gets Hearing Aids – Book

Self-Advocacy Trashkit

Self-Advocacy Questions to Use with Yes-No Buttons

Next, I have some good news about two upcoming events.  First, Cyber Monday and Tuesday will be TPT’s sitewide sale including Rule the School!

Secondly, Phonak’s Roger Touchscreen Mic TicTacToe Bingo Game will be coming out very soon both digitally and as an app.  Thank you to everyone who has been requesting this!  download

I hope that these next few weeks are filled with love, friendship and good health for everyone.