Problem Solving for Secondary Students with Hearing Loss



Observing your students in their general education classes can be an eye-opening experience.  How many times have you had a 1-1 session where he or she is able to describe how to handle a situation then you see them in a class and even though they know you are there, they are doing the opposite of what they stated was a necessary accommodation?

And yes, there can be multiple ways of handling a given situation:



To teach and document the student’s knowledge of socially acceptable ways to handle various classroom situations, I created Solution Pages for Secondary Students with Hearing Loss.  If you are using the Interactive Self-Advocacy Notebooks, these are easily added to it.   These pages:

  • Can be completed over time as more ideas are generated.
  • Are convenient to use for role-playing –   “Pretend I am your science teacher.  How would you say that?”
  • Recognize that due to different classroom cultures, students’ language levels and comfortableness with self-advocacy a variety of solutions can be generated.


This resource can also be used in the Present Levels of IEP goals in statements such as:

  • When 10 different typical classroom listening challenges were presented to the student, he could problem solve _____ of them.
  • The student can easily describe several solutions to various different classroom listening challenges during our 1-1 sessions, however, according to my in-class observations and teacher report she does not communicate any to her teachers.

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