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When I observed my two new students in their general education classes this fall, I noticed that reminding a teacher to mute the DM/FM mic was something we needed to address.  Both students were new to receiving services from the deaf/hard of hearing program, however, I think this activity may be a helpful for many students.  It is a nice supplement to the Self-Advocacy Interactive Notebook Unit on Amplification and can be glued in that section of their notebooks.


This activity is very simple.  Brainstorm with the students and list situations where it is appropriate for the mic to be muted.  Possible answers are included.

V 3 mute the mic photo

How should they communicate this reminder to the teacher?

  • I tell my students that teachers have a bajillion things to remember so sometimes they forget to mute the mic.
  • I also tell them that just as teachers are knowledgeable and experienced with the times tables, reading or Chinese, the students are frequently more experienced with the DM/FM system and need to help the teacher learn how to use it.

We have come up with two ways but I would love to hear any other suggestions from you. dear audience!

  • First the student and teacher can use a mutually agreed upon nonverbal signal, such as pointing to an ear.  I like to facilitate setting this up at the beginning of the year or when the student first gets DM/FM.
  • The student can make a verbal request to the teacher.
  • Some teachers don’t mind if a student comes up and mutes it themselves but I do not suggest that because I feel it is invasive of personal space.

The reverse can also be used to remind the teacher to turn the mic back on.

Get this FREE ACTIVITY to help your students manage their amplification!

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