Another Use for Word Wheel

Do you have the app Word Wheel?  It is simply a roulette wheel on which you can enter an infinite number of word lists.  This past week I thought of a new list.  I have a student who is new to receiving H.I. services and is embarrassed by her hearing aids and DM/FM system.  She has a goal of explaining how to use it by role-playing.  I opened up Word Wheel on my phone and created a list of different people I could be such as guest speaker, friend, peer, etc,  She spun the wheel and it landed on guest speaker so I was quite a challenging guest speaker!


Word Wheel comes with five built-in lists of vocabulary words:  Hearing Aid, Cochlear Implant, DM/FM, Hearing Testing and Accommodations.



You can add an infinite number of your own word lists and save them.  I have added one for conjunctions to use for a quick practice with complex grammar.

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Anyone can use this app as word lists are easily saved and deleted.  Use it for multiplication practice, science vocabulary, math facts, retrieval practice, etc.  Check it out in iTunes!