Using a Language Activity to Help Anxious Students


Recently, I added a new product to my TeachersPayTeachers Store called Sentence Combining.

What is Sentence Combining? 

An exercise for students who use a majority of simple and compound sentences to further develop their complex sentence structure.  It is an appropriate strategy for SLPs, Teachers Of Deaf /Hard of Hearing Students, English as Second Language Teachers and general education English Language Arts teachers.  In the general education class it is an excellent way to differentiate a lesson.

Sentence Combining Example

The activity consists of sentence fragments and conjunctions.  There are 21 sets of sentence fragments that focus on general social and study skills and a growth mindset.  There are 7 sets of sentence fragments focusing on self-advocacy for deaf/hard of hearing students.  Fifteen conjunctions are pictured on bridges to convey the idea that they are connecting words.

Sentence Combining for Self-Advocacy for Deaf/Hard of Hearing Students

Eight methods are described to scaffold this task from an adult forming a gramatically correct sentence and asking the student to explain the meaning to giving the students a few sets with several conjunctions to do independently.  Blank conjunction and sentence fragment cards and a data sheet are included.

Recently, our area was impacted by Hurricane Florence.  Since weather forecasting technology is so advanced these days, it was covered heavily on TV and news long before it actually arrived.  I had students sharing with me how worried they were about the impending storm.


So I created a few sentence fragments to help us talk about safety during the storm.  We also used the activity after the hurricane passed to talk about specific steps families took to cope.  We were very lucky in my area to escape most of the effects of Hurricane Florence.  I can see using this activity when students are anxious about other things since there is a lot of student anxiety in schools these days.

cover sentence combining

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