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Book Booster for Oliver’s Tree – 12 Phonological Awareness Activities

Are you a:

  • Special educator
  • SLP
  • Teacher of English Language Learners
  • Teacher of Deaf and Hard of Hearing Students?

Is your school district is using EL Education as their ELA curriculum?

Do your students need additional support in phonological awareness?

This resource is for you! It is based on one of the trade books required for the EL Language Curriculum.  Oliver’s Tree is used in the 4th Module or 4th quarter of the Kindergarten school year.

Oliver's Tree book cover
Oliver’s Tree

Many students with average nonverbal intelligence come to Kindergarten already delayed in phonological awareness due to:

  • Hearing loss
  • New learners of English
  • Dyslexia
  • Learning disability, ADHD or emotional and behavioral problems
  • Not enough language input from Birth-5 years

Here are 12 activities including rhyming, syllable and word segmenting and  blending, sound identification and sound substitution.  Data tracking and links to an informal assessment and a typical development chart are also included.  Using classroom-based materials assures that your intervention sessions are educationally relevant!

**Remote Teaching/Teletherapy**  Students do not need to see the activities so this Book Booster works well for remote teaching.

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