New – Book Booster Bundle

I created a bundle for my TeachersPayTeachers Store of all 4 Book Boosters!

AND Monday, Nov. 25th is the #DeafEdMustHaveSale so it will be 20% off.

AND I also put 2 of the books available on my website on sale Nov. 25th for 20% off as well!

What is a Book Booster you may ask?

I took 4 self-advocacy books and developed 25 language and literacy activities using the content of each book.  The activities are in three areas:  vocabulary, phonological awareness and higher level comprehension.  Each activity includes the common core standards that are involved.

Two books are available as free downloads in my TPT store:  Oliver Gets Hearing Aids and Oliver gets FM.

Here are example activities:


Here are the other two books:

Example activities are comprehension questions and story mapping/retelling:


Do you integrate your activities with the general education curriculum?  Then Book Boosters are for you!

Do you work on vocabulary, phonological awareness, language comprehension and expression, self-advocacy and social-emotional issues with your students?  Then Book Boosters are for you!

Pick them all up Monday Nov. 25th, save money and gain tons of new activities and materials!