Back to School – First Two Days!


These infographics were popular last year so I am re-posting them with an additional resource.

Day 1


I like to start the year by meeting each teacher of each student.  I think the personal touch is effective in connecting and building relationships with teachers.  However, I know many TOD/HHs have too many students on their caseloads to do this.  Some teachers prefer to send videos that they made or that the student previously made and meet the teachers as the year goes on.  You need to find a way that works best for you and your students.

Day 2


This year I created a Quick Guide for Teachers that a Teacher Of the Deaf, Speech-Language Pathologist or audiologist can complete beforehand and give to the teacher at the in-service to review.  It contains the important info for the teacher to reference during the school year such as who is case manager, what to do in case of equipment malfunction and the student’s accommodations.




I think that’s enough for two days, don’t you?



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