First quarter is almost over?

October 15, 2016

It’s hard to believe that there are only 2 more weeks in the first quarter of the school year.october-2016

 It has been sooooo busy but:

I love my new students

< I am thoroughly enjoying getting to know my middle and high school students and their needs.  I have worked at the elementary level for quite a while and focused on language, auditory and self-advocacy skill development.  Now I’ve added shunning of amplification, bullying, and Vocational Rehabilitation Services!

 < Even though it can be challenging to inservice the vast number of teachers for middle and high school students, I’ve enjoyed the process.

 < At the inservices in the beginning of the school year, I gave each teacher a small bag of Dove chocolates and many of them still express appreciation for that!


I found some great resources that I use with my secondary students:

1)  This video from Clarke School’s website about 4 deaf high school students.  It’s easy to have a discussion after with questions such as “Can you identify with anything they talked about?”

2) The Living Well packet from Ida Institute at Oticon.  I have used the My World materials for years with elementary students but this set of materials is for teens and adults!

3)  I discovered that secondary students also like Self-Advocacy Trashkit!

Time to start progress reports!



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