*Apps now available on new platform*



I am so excited to share that my apps are now available in the Chrome Store.


Over the past several years, I have had innumerable requests for Rule the School apps to be used on devices other than Apple products.  Because of the widespread adoption of Chromebooks by school districts, I have had many of you ask me at conferences about the availability of apps for them specifically.  Now I am thrilled to share the news that the apps are now available from the Chrome Web Store on Google to run on Chromebooks.

Of course there has to be a celebration!  For the next 10 days,  Hearing Aid, Roger Pen FM and inspiro FM TicTacToe and Bingo apps will be 50% off.  The purpose of these apps are to teach and practice appropriate vocabulary and social language usage with students with hearing loss.  They will learn how their amplification works so they can report any problems with it as well as learn how to troubleshoot so they can access their educational environment as guaranteed by IDEA 2004.  Here is a screenshot of Roger Pen FM Bingo on a Chromebook.


The Self-Advocacy Board Game is a fun way to teach and practice with a student how to handle a variety of social, listening and classroom situations that occur during a typical school day.  Here is a screenshot of the Self-Advocacy Board Game on a Chromebook.  It is also 50% off for the next 10 days!


Each app comes with data sheets which are free downloads on the Apps Are Here page on this website!

Did somebody say FREE?  Rule the School Hangman will be free for the next 10 days!   Data sheets are  on the Apps are Here page.  Word Banks are:

cochlear implants                       hearing aids

FM                                                    hearing testing



Rule the School has plans to expand to other platforms in 2017.  Which should be next?



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