Free Resources

Free Resources
Check out these free activities to use with your deaf and hard of hearing students.  Teach them how to manage their hearing aids, cochlear implants, FM/DM systems and speak up for their accommodations with these free activities.
4/23/16  Trashkit   
Earlier this week I posted directions on Facebook of how to play this game while working on vocabulary.  Since then I made a variation of it to use for self-advocacy questions.  Download here.
This game can also be used to work on letter-sound correspondence by writing individual letters on each slip of paper.  You can use this game instead of a worksheet by cutting out the pictures on the worksheet.  You can use pictures for rhyming, articulation, math facts, etc.  Again, I did not develop this very fun activity but found it on Pinterest. 

5/15/16  Field Day
This is the time of year that many elementary and middle schools hold the fun, annual event, Field Day.  Do your students with assistive devices know what to do with them during water events?  Here’s what I do:
1.  I will go with the student but the student will ask the P.E. teacher if there will be any water events.
2.  Then the student and I will problem solve how to keep their amplification dry.
3.  We will go together but the student will discuss the solution with the classroom teacher.
4.  Sometimes a parent may need to be contacted if, for example, the student and teacher want to leave the amplification inside the school.

5/15/16  Hearing Aid and inspiro FM Vocabulary
While recently planning the activity of students labeling pictures of their amplification I decided once and for all to type up a list.  Feel free to use.  Also, if you ever need data sheets, on my page Apps are Here, I have data sheets that you can download and use.

8/26/17  Getting to Know You Cards

I created these last year because almost my entire caseload was new to me.  These are not related to a specific area of instruction so anyone can feel free to use!  The students and I would take turns picking cards and answering the questions.  Click below.

10/15/17  Cards for Self-Advocacy Activity with Yes-No Buttons

Yes-No Questions


11/4/17   Lesson To go with Med-El materials – see blog post dated 11/4/17 

Med-el lesson plan


1/1/18  Data sheet for Ling 6 Sound Test

6 Sound Test