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Privacy Policy for all Apps

Rule the School Apps do not collect any information about you during purchase or use of the apps.  No identifying information is required to use the apps.  Players are simply labeled Player 1, 2, 3 or 4.  Visual and written information is designed to be used with and by children ages 4+.  Data on performance is not kept on the device.  Data sheets are available on the website to download, print and use.  If you communicate with Rule the School, no information is collected or stored about you. Each app comes with data sheets and suggested IEP goals to download from this page.

iPod/iPad/iPhone Apps - Available on iTunes 

 Rule The School:  A Self-Advocacy Board Game App -  $14.99


Due to the successes of infant hearing screening programs, early intervention programs and technological advances in amplification, more students with hearing loss are now arriving at Kindergarten with age-appropriate or close to age-appropriate language/literacy development. They will spend most if not all of their school days in regular classrooms. Even with the best of IEPs and amplification, situations will occur that will challenge students with hearing loss. This board game is a fun way to assess and practice knowledge about hearing loss, amplification systems, communication repair and classroom accommodations. Socially appropriate ways of expressing this knowledge is practiced in a fun game board format.

Hearing Aid TicTacToe – $7.99

app - Hearing Aid TicTacToe


IDEA 2004 states “Almost 30 years of research and experience has demonstrated the education of children with disabilities can be made more effective by ensuring their access to the general education curriculum in the regular classroom to the maximum extent possible and by supporting the development and use of technology, including assistive technology devices and services, to maximize accessibility for children with disabilities.” Do your students with hearing loss know how to report problems with their hearing aids to ensure access? Can they report “My tubing is cracked” or “My battery door broke off”? This bingo game can be used to teach and practice the vocabulary and functions of the parts of their hearing aids so they can inform others about problems. Includes 3 card decks (pictures, labels and functions), additional uses, suggested ways to write IEP goals and a data sheet.with hearing loss 


This innovative product will provide students with hearing loss with a variety of fun ways to learn the parts of Roger Pen and how it works. This knowledge is invaluable when a student needs to report or troubleshoot a problem or explain the technology to a person who is unfamiliar with it. Various brain-based games and the answers are included as well as IEP goals and a data sheet. Roger Pen TicTacToe Bingo is a great resource to further build your students’ self-advocacy skills.

Roger Touchscreen Mic - $7.99

app - Roger Touchscreen Mic TicTacToe Bingo
Roger Touchscreen Mic TicTacToe Bingo


IDEA 2004 is the federal special education law that governs services for students with disabilities in schools. This law says that all students must have access to the curriculum of their educational peers. One major way our students have access is through their amplification. If they do not understand how it works and can not do basic troubleshooting, they will not have auditory access when something malfunctions. A basic requirement to manage and troubleshoot equipment is to know the names of the parts and what they do. This product provides 8 activities for students to learn the parts and functions of their DM systems in fun, brain-based ways. Our students are going to have their hearing losses for the rest of their lives and learning how their equipment functions and how to use it will go a long way to pave the way for them to become good self-advocates and successful learners.

Hangman - $1.99

Hangman Word Banks
Hangman in play


This is quick, fun activity that makes a great way to start or end a session with a student with hearing loss.  Students or the professional can select one of six categories to play a fun game of Hangman. Can the student:

  • explain the word
  • find the part on his amplification
  • tell the job of the part
  • explain what the accommodation means
  • give an example of the last time she used it? 

If data is desired,  click the links to download the data sheets.

Word Wheel - $1.99

App - Word Wheel

This versatile Word Wheel can be used with any student for just about any topic. Each Word Wheel is customizable for up to 13 sections and all Word Wheels can be saved.  Do you need:

  • a fun way to provide students with vocabulary review?
  • a new and entertaining way to present math problems?
  • a method to integrate retrieval practice into lessons?
  • easy to use way to integrate technology into lessons
  • 5 pre-loaded Word Wheels for students with hearing loss (self-knowledge, hearing aids, hearing testing, FM/DM and cochlear implants.  Click on the link for Data Sheets.