FREE Activity for Complex Language


Did you know that the cochlear implant companies have free materials on their websites?  Let’s look at the wealth of materials offered by Med-el.   In addition to their online activities,  sets of materials are periodically posted that can be downloaded, printed, adapted and used in articulation, language and auditory skill development.

The latest lesson focuses on body parts:  teaching the vocabulary as well as using it in a multitude of language and listening activities.  Lesson plans are included!  Check out everything included:

Med-el lesson description

For my current caseload I have a couple of older elementary students with auditory memory and complex expressive grammar goals.  I printed out the pictures on Pages 18 and 19 of the downloaded kit onto card stock and cut them out.  Each picture contains 3 directions, for example;  “Touch your wrist, your nose then your knees.”  or


Then I created directions using complex grammar such as “After I blink my eyes, touch your hair, nose then stomach.”  Here are a set of directions using complex grammar with a data sheet, explanation and variations.  If the directions are too long for a student, they can be shortened on the data sheet then printed.  I hope you find it helpful!