Unit 2-Anatomy of the Ear- Interactive Self-Advocacy Notebook


slide1    Have you ever had anyone ask you “Why do you need to remove that student (with a hearing loss) from classroom instructional time to work on learning about the ear?”

This is a very common question and the answer is the very basis of self-knowledge.  I’ve had students tell me they feel stupid because they misunderstand what people say.  In schools students will be challenged usually  unintentionally on the use of their accommodations.  Knowing the basic facts about hearing loss will help them deal with these situations.  


Consider the unit as a menu of activities.  You may do one activity now, leave blank pages in the notebook and come back to complete another activity at a later time.    You may not need to do all of the activities with all of your students.  Just pick and choose what you need for a particular student.

Here is a video example of one activity – a 2nd grader explaining the normal hearing process and how his is different.


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