FM TicTacToe Bingo – inspiro

 Based on the inspiro transmitter by Phonak

Copyright © 2010 Monica Faherty
 The inspiro transmitter has many cool features that enable a student to monitor his or her own FM system.  Here is a fun way for both teachers and students to learn about it.  Included are:
4 Bingo Boards
 rule 190
Pictures of the parts 
(excellent for preschoolers or non-readers)
Names of the parts
Functions of the parts
Answer Key
 Examples of how to integrate simple and complex language targets with this game
  Also included are:
  • directions
  • data sheet
  • sample way to write IEP goals
  • bingo chips come with hard copy
 Appropriate for:  Preschool through Middle School

Purchase the app in iTunes – $6.99

Purchase this digital product from TeachersPayTeachers – $7.99

Purchase a hard copy from this website – $15.00