Book Boosters

Book Boosters 
Incorporate teaching self-advocacy skills
Elementary English Language Arts (ELA) Common Core Standards

 Build self-advocacy, language and literacy skills



Each Booster supports its book by containing 25 activities using the book’s content for:

Comprehension         Vocabulary            Phonemic &  Phonologic Skills

*Activities are based on common Core K-2 Language Arts Standards*               Comprehension and vocabulary activities are appropriate for K-5 √                    Data sheets are included for all activities

     Each Book Booster is only $14.99! 

ITBOMHL_CD_r5 final_nohole
   I’m the Boss of My Hearing Loss – CD   $14.99
I’m the Boss of My Hearing Loss – Book  $14.00
Using positive language and humorous pictures a boy shows how he demonstrates responsibility for his hearing aids as well as educating the reader about hearing loss.

 Special combo price for both book and CD   $24.00

Sophie_CD_r5 final
 Sophie’s Tales Book Booster – $14.99

 Sophie’s Tales: Learning to Listen – Book  $20              by Melanie Paticoff, M.S.

 Sophie is a little dog who discovers she has a hearing loss. She embarks on a journey to receiving a cochlear implant, meeting an ear doctor, having  her hearing tested and trying hearing aids along the way.  Though Sophie understands that she is different from other dogs because she needs help to hear, her confidence and fun personality never waiver.  

 Special Combo price for CD and book – $30

      Oliver Gets FM  Book Booster – $14.99
         (used with permission from Phonak)

Even though Oliver is wearing his hearing aids, he is having  a difficult time at school.  His audiologist suggests an FM system.  Oliver couldn’t be  happier about how helpful his FM system is at school and at home.

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      Oliver Gets Hearing Aids  Book Booster – $14.99
         (used with permission from Phonak)

 Oliver is struggling at school and home to hear his friends and  family.  He sees an ear doctor who checks his hearing and fits him for hearing aids. Oliver loves his hearing aids and how much they help him.

                           **Free **          Download the book

Big Bundle – $70

                                                 Get 2 books and all 4 Boosters

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